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Physical, Emotional, Social and Cognitive

Development through Creative Movement

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Healthy Development

through Physical Activity

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Guidance and Skills Development

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Visual Arts

Social and Academic Impact

through Arts Education

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Academic and Developmental Benefits

of Music Exposure

Arts Education

The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus continues art education

The bus looks to the future of technology, art and education with workshops, panel discussions and peace
The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, the premier state-of-the-art mobile production facility that provides hands-on experiences for students of all ages, tours throughout the world each year. Each stop hosts a variety of events,

Sarah McLachlan School of Music offers free music programs

Sun Life Financial deepens commitment to making music education accessible to more Canadians
Sun Life Financial and Grammy and Juno Award-winning artist, Sarah McLachlan, eunsure at-risk and underserved children and youth in Vancouver through the Sarah McLachlan School of Music. The organization continues to gain access to best-in-class music programs, free

Paper Source creates Kids Art Camp

Kids Art Camps continues to support art education
Paper Source, curator of creative inspiration for over three decades, creates Kids Art Camp day where it encourages kids to be creative through art. The program can be used throughout the world to get kids to use various crafting techniques and tools to


All children should be learning music

Music has a lot of advantages
Music education has become a luxury throughout most of the world as school boards cut funding for music and arts education. As school officials review their budgets each year, music is often among the first to be cut and that is dangerous. Music education can

Alex Freeman empowers kids through music

Pop star inspires kids through music
Twelve-year-old rising pop star Alex Freeman has released five original songs in her young career. Freeman has studied Taylor Swift and loves how she connects with her fans as well as continued to write her own music. Freeman loves how Swift stays true to her

Trilingual singer releases debut song at 11 years old

Szandra Mayer is fluent in English, Hungarian and Spanish
Born to sing, perform and shine, very talented 11-year-old singer Szandra Mayer has released “Paradise,” her second single, and a very cool music video to go with it. The trilingual singer — who is Hungarian and Spanish and speaks both languages fluently

7 year old stuns soccer crowd with America’s National Anthem

Young artist adds her own style to National Anthem
Seven-year-old Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja from Los Angeles, CA, USA is quite the singer. The youngster has become a viral sensation since stunning a crowd at an LA Galaxy soccer game with her rendition of America’s National Anthem. Malea has been given he nickname


Why Dance is Important in Early Childhood

Encouraging children to dance is a great way to connect with them
Dance is a multi-cultural expression throughout the world. It’s one of the many ways humans can communicate non-verbally, even with language barriers. Dance often takes many forms and is expressed through thought or feeling. There are many healthy benefits,

Dancing is a cultural phenomenon

Dancing has many physical, social and psychological benefits
People from all ages and cultures dance! It’s just a force of nature and can’t be prevented. It’s super important to let kids dance as benefits come in physical, social and psychological form including increased heart health, muscular strength and others. Kids can also

Importance of Dance Education

Dance is a powerful medium that allows an individual to express their values, thoughts and aspirations through movement. It’s important that children learn this as they grow older as they’ll develop the knowledge and skills to create, perform and understand movement as an art form.

The National Dance Education Organization in

Global Efforts

Children In Sync is working to reach more children in Erbil

Displacement is really a big issue in Iraq, with an estimated one million children having been internally displaced. Through all these moves kids often lose out on an entire school year of education.

Not far from Erbil we noticed a camp that houses around 1500 internally displaced people, most of whom

Help Get Social and Emotional Learning into Schools

Be Part of the Solution combats bullying, substance abuse and mental illness
Be Part of the Solution is a campaign to keep our children safe by providing schools with a program that includes the skills and tools that scientific research has proven can reduce and even prevent bullying, substance abuse and


Physical activity boosts kids’ brain health

 دایکان و باوکان پێویستە منداڵەکانیان هان بدەن بۆ ئەوەى بەشداری بکەن لە چالاکیى جەستەییی

توێژینەوەکان نیشانى دەدەن کە ئەو منداڵانەى بەشداری دەکەن لە چالاکیی جەستەییی رێکخراو پشتگیرى بەهێز بەدەست دەهێنێت لە لایەن تەندروستیی مێشک. چالاکیى جەستەییی دەتوانێ یارمەتى منداڵان بدات هەڵسوکەوت بکەن لەگەڵ فشار، پاراستنى ساغى و سەلامەتى و تەندروستیان بە گشتى. ئەو

Get Out and Play

بڕۆ دەرەوە و یارى بکە
نۆرینگەى پزیشکیە بەلاشەکان کە بریتین لە رێنماییی بەیسبۆل و بەرنامەدانانى خۆراکى بۆ گەنج و خێزانەکانیان
هەموو ساڵێک, کۆمپانیاکانى ریپکین بەیسبۆل و گەیەنت فوود, بەشدارى لە گەورەترین زنجیرە سەوزەفرۆشى هەرێمى لە واشنتۆنى پایتەخت دەکەن بە هاوبەشى بۆ میوانداریکردنى زنجیرەیەک لە نۆرینگەى تەندروستى و لەشجوانى دەرەکى بۆ منداڵەکان و

Parents Largely Unaware of Early Signs of Communication Disorders in Children

بە زۆرى باوان بێئاگان لە نیشانەکانى پێشوەختەى نەخۆشى پەیوەندى (زمانگیران) لە منداڵان
کۆمەڵەى ئەمریکى بۆ بیستن- قسە و زمان (ASHA) کاردەکەن بۆ یارمەتیدانى باوان بۆ دەستنیشان کردنى نیشانەکانى پێشوەختە.
کۆمەڵەى ئەمریکى بۆ بیستن- قسە و زمان (ASHA) نیشانیدەدا کە زۆربەى پسپۆرانى بوارى پەیوەندى بە گشتى دەلێن باوان  نە ئاگادارن لە نیشانەکانى ئاگادارکردنەوەى پێشوەختەى

Every Kid Healthy Week

هەفتەى تەندروستى گشت مندالێک
رووداوەکانى قوتابخانە و کۆمەڵگا تیشک دەخەنە سەر گرنگى زیندەگى لەش ساغى و تەندروستى قوتابی
هەموو ساڵێک, قوتابخانەکان ئاهەنگ دەگێرن لەسەرتاسەرى وڵاتان بە بۆنەى هەفتەى تەندروستى گشت منداڵێک, بە بۆنەى دەسکەوتەکانیان لە رێگاى دروستکردنى ژینگەى فێرکردنى تەندروستر بۆ قوتابیان. لە ساڵى 2013 ەوە, زیاتر لە پەنجا هەزار قوتابخانە و

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