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Physical, Emotional, Social and Cognitive

Development through Creative Movement

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Healthy Development

through Physical Activity

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Guidance and Skills Development

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Visual Arts

Social and Academic Impact

through Arts Education

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Academic and Developmental Benefits

of Music Exposure


Styles of Parenting

Authoritative, authoritarian, neglectful and permissive are all different styles of parenting
There are four types of parenting styles in today’s society: authoritative, authoritarian, neglectful and permissive. Each one has different characteristics that often bring different reactions when imposed on your child(ren). Let’s briefly discuss each one so you can compare.

Authoritative is

The Great Kindness Challenge

Hasbro is on board with the initiative
Teaching your kids to be kind is one of the most responsible things a parent or guardian can do. Global nonprofit Kids for Peace wants to help with that initiative through its Great Kindness Challenge – Family Edition which gives children and their families a

How much sleep should your child be getting each night?

Experts suggest young children get more sleep for growth
We all know sleep is important to a healthy lifestyle, especially as children, since sleep is the primary activity during early development. However, many children lack the amount of recommended sleep. Why is this? How much should your child be getting each


10-year-old piano virtuoso receives worldwide attention

Young piano virtuoso composes own compositions
Ten-year-old Guillermo Hernández Barrocal has received worldwide attention for his piano compositions. When he was nine, he performed the first movement of a sonata that he composed by himself. It was performed at the UAX University in Madrid, Spain, a city where he also teaches

Disney Jr music safe for kids

Collection Features 20 Top Hits from Popular Disney Junior Channel Shows
Kids love music! You often hear them singing songs featured on their favorite shows, such as Disney Junior. As parents, we have often wondered where we can purchase theme songs. Many aren’t usually available, but Walt Disney Records has released

Coco inspires kids to play music

Popular film has own line of guitars
The Disney/Pixar film, Coco, is sending a positive message to kids wanting to learn to play music. In the film, aspiring musician Miguel — confronted with his family’s ancestral ban on music — enters the Land of the Dead to find his great-great-grandfather, a legendary


Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain

No matter whether you’re a child or an adult, when you listen to music, your brain becomes more engaged and active. However, when you play an instrument, your brain gets more of a “full body workout,” according to studies. In the video below, Anita Collins (TED ED) explains the fireworks that go off in musicians’ brains when they play. The video also examines some of the long-term positive effects of this mental workout. These benefits can have a huge impact on a child’s life as they learn to play from an early age.

Hong Kong piano prodigy

Tsung Tsung, the Hong Kong 8-year-old piano prodigy everyone is talking about, has garnered more than ten million views on YouTube. He began playing piano at the age of three and was certified in Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) on the age of four. His extraordinary talent has garnered him a prize in Steinway International Piano Competition and invitations to perform around the world.

Asian Kids Sing Beautifully

Ten year old Jeffrey Li and and seven year old Celine Tam shock the world with their beautiful voices singing Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up” on the television show, China’s New Generation of Sound. The viral video has gained more than 6.7 million views on YouTube.

Arts Education

VTech promoting Baby, Infant, Toddler and Preschoolers with discovery

Expert-Supported Collections Encourage Development Through Exploration
VTech’s award-winning Baby, Infant, Toddler and Preschool lines features exciting products that allow parents to enrich their children’s play experiences through discovery. The collections are designed to engage and encourage little ones by offering sensory experiences and on-the-go fun while encouraging development and interactivity.

“We know

FAB! Learning Mexico changes the educational model in Mexico

Children and young people solve problems with technology
FAB! Learning Mexico, a civil association dedicated to promoting educational innovation in Mexico, is offering an educational initiative aimed at children and young people to use technology and solve real problems.

FAB! Learning Mexico, along with the Tamayo Museum in Mexico City, is offering

Global Efforts

Syrian children take part in iftar meal for Ramadan

The kids held a cooking competition to prep for the meal
Many cultures often take food for granted, but this isn’t the case for residents in the rebel-torn country of Syria. Pictures have been circulating the web showing children in Douma sharing a rare Ramadan feast amidst torn up streets and homes

Are kids prepared for 100 healthy years?

World Health Organization statistics show that today’s children are likely to be the first to live 100 years, as global life expectancy continues to increase. During the Global Consumer Health Debate, The United Nations (UN), UNICEF, UNAIDS, World Obesity Federation and McKinsey discuss how children can live 100 healthy years.

Syrian school children affected by war

The Syrian Conflict has taken hundreds of thousands of lives and has caused severe economic consequences through the worn-torn country of Syria. While thousands have fled the country in hopes for a better life elsewhere, many — including school children — remain and must deal with on going airstrikes and daily attacks from ISIS terrorists.

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