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Eat Your Veggies…Please!

For most kids, their favorite veggie is….french fries.  While fries are indeed made of a vegetable, the potato is not generally considered to have high nutritional value.  And when deep fried, potatoes really don’t make for the best choice of veggies.  In fact, even the French are amazed at the fascination of American children (and adults!) with our freedom fries.  So how can parents help their children make better vegetable choices that are more nutritious as well?

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Practice Makes Perfect

We’ve all heard it before – practice makes perfect.  But how much practice should a small child have to endure in order to master an instrument?  Perhaps a child does not necessarily have to achieve mastery, but rather just play decently!

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Let’s Stop & Smell the Roses

It goes without saying that our actions as parents can greatly influence our own children’s behavior.  While there is something to be said about your child’s natural disposition due to his or her genetic make-up, there is also quite a lot to be said about the environment in which you raise your child.  Is it a calm and loving environment?  Or is it one filled with stress and tension?

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Stomping the Tantrum

If your child throws tantrums, rest assured you are not alone.  Most toddlers throw a tantrum at one time or another.  But when this becomes an all too frequent scenario, the situation can quickly become overwhelming for any parent or caregiver.  The (distant!) consolation is that most children tend to outgrow this by the age of 4 or 5.  But how can you manage to live through these frightening scenes…right here and now?

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Boys in Ballet

If you are the parent of a young boy, you probably already have an idea of what types of extracurricular activities he should be involved in.  When it comes to dancing, not many parents would seriously contemplate enrolling their son in a ballet class.  Typically considered a dance genre for girls, ballet is becoming an increasingly popular option in the United States.  Ballet actually relies on the basic tenet that male dancers are supposed to be strong and athletic, not delicate.  Who can overlook the fact that one of the most famous male ballerinas, Mikhail Baryshnikov, is also considered to be incredibly strong yet agile? 

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Coaching Your Own

مەشقى پێکردنى تایبەت بە خۆت
باشترین رێگا چى یە بۆ بەسەربردنى کات لەگەل منداڵەکەت بە بەراورد لەگەڵ پێکەوە بەشدارى کردن لە تیمى وەرزشى؟ بریار بدە بۆ وەرگرتنى رۆڵى (راهێنەر) ساتێ کورەکەى یان کچەى خۆت یارى دەکات لە تیمى خوڵى بچووک- کە بریتى یە لە تێکەڵەى تەواوى خۆشى و رێککارى. بەڵام هەروەک

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Viewing Art

When we think about visual arts for young children, we tend to think about making art.  It’s not only fun for them but can occupy them for significant lengths of time.  But how else can we as parents help engage our children in art?  By viewing it through their eyes.

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Get Back to Bed

How often has your child gotten out of his or her bed claiming to be afraid of the dark?  In their early toddler years, children begin to develop much more vivid fears and insecurities.  Most of this stems from the anxiety of not wanting to be separated from his or her parents.   At the end of a long day of activities, a child already has enough trouble winding down.  Then when placed in a dark room – alone! – it is no wonder that a child becomes a bit anxious at the thought that they are being left by themselves and that their parent may never return. 

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The Digital Pond

When most of us parents were growing up, things sure were different.  Video games were just starting to make their way into our homes, but they were not necessarily interactive.  Nowadays, kids have an inexhaustible list of options for educational, interactive activities and games.  The digital world is their oyster.  But when exactly should they begin dipping their toe in that digital pond?

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