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Art Therapy & Anxiety: Is it just child’s play?

Art can be relaxing. As long as one can tune out his or her inner critic and be mindful of the moment, one will experience calm; senses will be re-engaged. And we are able to speak another language with our clients. This language will be a new for most and will take some time getting used to—just like Spanish sounds foreign in the beginning—but after some time, communication will flourish in new ways.

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Children and the Arts Festival

Each year, the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts holds a Children and the Arts Festival in Peterborough, NH. A year of planning and great community cooperation culminates in this all-day event, where the streets are closed to vehicular traffic and filled instead with song, laughter, parading Giant Puppets, food, fun, dancing, chalk art, the Art Walk, and something for everyone who loves art and children. Schools, businesses, organizations, and families come together to create this very special day and it attracts children and their families from throughout the Monadnock region and beyond.

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