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VH1 Save The Music Foundation helps preserve music education

The VH1 Save The Music Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to ensuring that music instruction is a core component to a complete education, giving children the tools and confidence to excel in academics and in life. The organization has provided 2.3 million children in 1,900 public schools in America with more than $51 million in new musical instruments donated since 1997.

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Sports Can Help Kids Do Better Academically

وەرزش دەتوانێ یارمەتى منداڵان بدات لە رووى ئەکادیمى باشتربن
توێژینەیەوەیەک ئەنجامدراوە لە لایەن کۆلیژی ئەمریکى بۆ پزیشکى وەرزشى (ACSM ) پەیوەندى لە نێوان چالاکى جەستەیی لە منداڵان و ئاداى ئەکادیمى لە قوتابخانە. سەرەتا, توێژەران پێشبینیان کرد کە ئەو منداڵانەى پەروەردەى جەستەیی ئەنجام دەدەن لە رۆژانى قوتابخانە لە رووى ئەکادیمى باشترن, لەبەرئەوەى

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Music Therapy May Help Children with Autism

Individuals of all ages and all abilities can benefit from music therapy. Previously, music therapy has been used to support emotional, cognitive and social development in many populations. Music therapy may help to promote wellness by managing stress, enhancing memory, and improving communication.

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Art Therapy for Children with ADHD and Anxiety Disorders

The arts can be a great vehicle for children who have ADHD. Engaging in creative activities such as art, music and dance have been shown to help children with ADHD calm down because it utilizes the part of the brain that controls emotions. When the emotions are under control, the focusing can be much easier. Most of us have experienced this; when we are upset about a personal issue….isn’t hard to concentrate at work? So, therefore reaching the emotional brains through the arts can infact increase focus.

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