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Family Meal Time is Important for Academics

As families send their children back to school, some parents are forgetting the most important school supply: the family meal. A consumer survey of American grocery shoppers, conducted by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and Rodale Inc., underscores the infrequency of family meals in the U.S. and the critical need

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First Book, Target encourage healthy kids through sports

فێرست بووک و تارگێت, ئامانجیان هاندانى منداڵانى تەندروستە لە رێگاى وەرزش
فێرست بووک, کۆمپانیەکى کۆمەلایەتى سوودنەویستە, کەڵوپەل و پێداویستى وەرزشى و لەشجوانى دابین دەکات بۆ مەوداى فراوانى سەرچاوەکان بەردەستە بۆ بەرنامە و قوتابخانەکان کە خزمەتى منداڵانى هەژار دەکات, سوپاس بۆ پشتگیرى تارگێت.
کایل زیمر, سەرۆک و بەرێوەبەرى جێبەجێکارى کۆمپانیاى فێرست بووک دەڵێت:

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5 Steps to Teach Your Kids about Managing Emotions

It’s quite often parents find themselves engaged in a variety of emotions when it comes to disciplining their children. Irritated, aggravated and upset are often at the top of the list. When kids aren’t minding or their screaming and whining or you’re flurrying everyone out the door, emotions can run amok unconsciously. As parents, it’s important that we manage our emotions for our kids, but it’s also important to teach our kids how to manage their own emotions. Below are five steps, compiled by Childhood 101.

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