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Arts Education Empowers Learning

Arts education helps with problem solving as one as to think outside of the box
Arts is a very powerful medium. Many may not realize how arts education empowers learning in general. Whether it be science, math, engineering, architecture, geography, philosophy, etc., the arts has a huge impact on every subject.

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Physical activity is vital to holistic development of kids

چالاکی جەستەیی گرنگە بۆگەشەسەندنى تەواوى منداڵان
پەروەردەى وەرزش منداڵەکانت فێر دەکات دەربارەى گۆرانگاریە ئەرێنى و نەرێنیەکانى ژیان
چالاکى جەستەیی گرنگە بۆ گەشەسەندنى تەواوى منداڵان هەروەها هاوکاریان دەکات لە تەندروستى جەستەیی, کۆمەلایەتى سۆزدارى. زۆربەیان درک بەوەناکەن کە وەرزش کاریگەرى زیاترى هەیە لەسەر تەندروستى جەستەیی لەوەى کە ئەوان درکى پێدەکەن. پەروەردەى جەستەیی لە قوتابخانە

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12-year-old composes concertos

She could recognize notes on the piano at age two
Twelve-year-old Alma Deutscher has accomplished a lot in her young life. The young British musician is not only a virtuoso on piano and violin, but also at composing concertos. Concertos are musical compositions that are usually in three parts that features

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App Helps Grades K-9 Develop, Practice Life Skills

Online platform features 60+ courses, 5,000+ minutes of animated video, and thousands of interactive lessons students can use in school or at home
WittyWe, a learning environment covering school curriculum topics, life skills and college-level enrichment, helps students in grades K-9 engage in deeper learning while developing and practicing important life

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Grace VanderWaal inspiring younger generation of players

13 year old VanderWaal is a “pop prodigy”
Grace VanderWaal is inspiring a wave of younger artists and songwriters with her very own Signature Ukulele through Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC). Fender’s popular artist signature models are geared toward product progression and storytelling, creating instruments designed to the unique specifications of

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