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WATCH: Insanely Talented Kids

This compilation video can help spread the importance of art education
Let’s face it! Kids are pretty talented! Whether it’s music, dance, sports or some combination thereof, kids are savvy throughout all forms of art. They may not realize how healthy and educational their experiences are, but they’re enjoying themselves and

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6 Benefits of Learning Music

Learning music has many benefits, but we are going to discuss six important facts that can improve every child’s life. Music education improves academic skills, physical skills, social skills, teaches discipline and practice, boosts self-esteem and introduces children to other cultures. Let’s discuss it more in depth.
Improving Academic Skills
Music and

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Eight Effective Ways to Manage Child Anger

If your child gets angry often, loses self control, behaves recklessly or doesn’t care about others’ feelings, your child has anger management issues. Kids who act out of anger often end up hurting themselves and others. Some issues can be evident while others can be underlying. Here are some tips

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Four Sports Benefits for Children

چوار سوودى وەرزش بۆ منداڵان
بەشداریکردنى منداڵان لە وەرزشکردن چەندەها سوودى هەیە. لەگەڵ ئەوەشدا، ئێمە باسى چوارخالى سەرەکى دەکەین بۆ گشت منداڵێک و چۆن دایک و باوک یارمەتى منداڵەکانیان دەدەن لەگەڵ هەریەکەیان.
خۆبەگەورە زانین
دەکرێ زۆربەى منداڵان دەکرێ خۆویست بن بە هەڵوێستى “رێگام یان رێگاى خێرا”. هەروەها، وەرزش یارمەتى منداڵان دەدات بە لەدەستدانى

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Dancing is a cultural phenomenon

Dancing has many physical, social and psychological benefits
People from all ages and cultures dance! It’s just a force of nature and can’t be prevented. It’s super important to let kids dance as benefits come in physical, social and psychological form including increased heart health, muscular strength and others. Kids can also

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8 Year Old Quadruplet Band Releases Unity Single

Z-N8tion releases “Flag” to celebrate America’s diversity and freedom
In a time of great social division amongst Americans, Z-N8tion, the first-ever band of quadruplet brothers, is bringing positivity back into the world with their newly released music video for their first single “Flag.” Z-N8tion is made up of eight-year-old quadruplet brothers,

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