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Coco inspires kids to play music

Popular film has own line of guitars
The Disney/Pixar film, Coco, is sending a positive message to kids wanting to learn to play music. In the film, aspiring musician Miguel — confronted with his family’s ancestral ban on music — enters the Land of the Dead to find his great-great-grandfather, a legendary

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Ten Arts Education Facts

Proof arts education is valuable to society
Art, including music, theater, dance, sports and visual arts, has a huge impact on life. Although it’s multi-cultural and subjective, it plays a huge rule in everyone’s life whether they realize it or not. As educators around the world cut arts funding, it’s important

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Aromatherapy spray helps parents, teachers with behavior

سپراى ئارۆماثیراپى (رشێنە) یارمەتى دایک و باوکان و مامۆستایان دەدات لەگەڵ رەفتار
هەشت ئۆنس سپرا  یارمەتى دەدات لە بەرەنگاربوونەوەى شەر پێ فرۆشتن و کێشەى رەفتارى تر.
سپراى ژوورى ئارۆماثیراپى بەکاردێت لەسەرتاسەرى ئەمریکا, مەکسیک, کەنەدا و ئوسترالیا بۆ یارمەتى دانى مامۆستایان و دایک و باوکان لە بەرەنگاربوونەوەى کێشەکانى رەفتارى. سپراى 
(Em Away) بەکاردێت

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