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Scholastic expanding My Arabic Library for Pre-K & kindergarten worldwide

My Arabic Library for preschool and kindergarten includes 25 beloved titles adapted into Modern Standard Arabic, a comprehensive teacher guide, classroom activities, and more
Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education, and media company, has expanded My Arabic Library, the first leveled reading program available in Arabic for grades 1–6, to include

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Why Dance is Important in Early Childhood

Encouraging children to dance is a great way to connect with them
Dance is a multi-cultural expression throughout the world. It’s one of the many ways humans can communicate non-verbally, even with language barriers. Dance often takes many forms and is expressed through thought or feeling. There are many healthy benefits,

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Smart Kids, Eat Smart

منداڵى زيرەك، خۆراکى باش دەخوا
فێرکردنى منداڵ بۆ خواردنى خۆراکى دەریایی کارێکى زەحمەتە
بە گوێرەى توێژینەوەیەک کە دەریدەخات ئەو منداڵانەى بە رێکوپێکى خۆراکى دەریایی دەخۆن رێژەى زیرەکیان (IQ) پێنج پڵە زیاترە لەچاو هاوشانەکانیان کە خۆراکیان بریتى یە لە خۆراکى دەریایی خفیف. هەروەها ئەو منداڵانە باشتریش دەخەون.
جیانگ هۆنگ لیو, نووسەرى سەرەکى لە توێژینەوەى

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8 Parenting Behaviors That Can Disrupt Your Child’s Future

8 رەفتارى پەروەردەکردنى منداڵ کە دەتوانن داهاتووى منداڵەکەت تێک بدات
ئێمە وەک دایک و باوك دەزانین کە منداڵەکانمان سەیرى ئێمە دەکەن. بۆیە پێویستە ئاگادارى رەفتارى خۆمان بین کاتێ منداڵەکان لە دەوروبەرمانن چونکە لەوانەیە گرژیەک دروست بێت. لە خوارەوە ئەو هەشت رەفتارانەن کە کاردەکەنە سەر داهاتووى منداڵ بە گوێرەى HealthiGuide.
درۆى بێ مەبەست

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10-year-old piano virtuoso receives worldwide attention

Young piano virtuoso composes own compositions
Ten-year-old Guillermo Hernández Barrocal has received worldwide attention for his piano compositions. When he was nine, he performed the first movement of a sonata that he composed by himself. It was performed at the UAX University in Madrid, Spain, a city where he also teaches

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