5 Benefits of Dance

Dancing is beneficial to boys and girls of all ages

Dancing is something many kids love. When they hear their favorite song on the radio, many start to dance whether they’re in their car seat, at the store or at home. There are even games, such as Just Dance, that allow kids learn how to dance, although there’s no wrong way. Dancing is a great way to keep your child’s mind and body healthy.

Many kids don’t realize the health benefits of dancing. Dancing can help kids stay flexible, lose weight, make friends, reduce stress and more, according to studies. Here are five benefits of dancing every parent should know, so encourage your kids to dance all they want (when appropriate).

  1. Improves Physical Health: Many don’t realize that dancing is exercise. It’s total body fitness. Kids can improve their flexibility, stamina, balance, coordination and range of motion by dancing regularly. It can help them lose weight, diminish depression and improve heart health, breathing and overall quality of life.
  2. Increases Socialization: Dance increases social interaction. If your child is a member of a dance class, they’ll interact with other kids and learn to cooperate as individuals, as a group and as pairs. Dance can also help your kids meet new friends and overcome fears, such as public speaking and sense of trust.
  3. Teaches Self-Expression: By dancing, kids can learn to express themselves in ways they hadn’t before. Dancing allows kids to be themselves and express how they feel with the dance moves they display. Dancing can also turn a negative mood into a positive mood without even realizing it.
  4. Implements Education & Discipline: Kids participating in dance class will be required to practice their skills, choreography and routines on their own. This requires them to use their memorization skills to recall the things they learned correctly and quickly. While dancing is fun, it also provides discipline. Kids learn structure and how to follow directions. They learn when to stay quiet and when to cut loose.
  5. Improves Self-Esteem: Kids who are unsure of themselves can be reassured through dance. Dancing can provide kids with the confidence they need to be themselves which can be exceptionally helpful to those with disabilities. Kids can learn to be more positive which keeps their self-esteem high.

Here’s a fun video to learn how to dance:


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