7 Simple Ways to Encourage Children to Be Kind

It’s impossible that your kids will make friends with everyone they meet, however, you can encourage them to be kind. Lolli from FoodFunFamily, shares seven simple ways you can teach your kids to be kind whether they’re naturally nice or need “training” towards it.

  • Be a model of kindness – Children learn from those around them, especially from their parents, so it’s always best to show model behavior when they’re around. It may be hard not to yell at an inconsiderate driver or a transient begging for handouts, but being kind will set a good example for your children.
  • Kindness starts at home –  It may be obvious that children always learn at home before anywhere else, so teach them during their early years so they translate that behavior in school and beyond.
  • Start small – Being kind doesn’t have to be a big gesture. Teach them to say “hello” and smile when they pass someone at a restaurant or grocery store. These acts of kindness can grow as they grow.
  • Point out kind acts – Point it out to your children when you see someone acting kind towards another person, or even an animal. If you address it, your children will learn that there are different ways to express kindness.
  • Point out their feelings – Being kind just feels good. By letting your kids know how you feel when you have been kind will encourage them to express their feelings when they’re kind. This will make them want to be kind more.
  • Be grateful – Encourage your kids to show gratitude when kindness is shown. If you perform an act of kindness for someone, such as holding a door open for a stranger, you expect a simple “thank you” in return. It’s manners, so teach your kids to be grateful when someone is kind to them.
  • Report back – Hold your children accountable for kindness. It’s never too early to teach them accountability. At the end of each week, discuss the kindness they’ve shown to others and the kindness they’ve received. This will help them keep their eyes open for kindness opportunities.
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