7 year old stuns soccer crowd with America’s National Anthem

Young artist adds her own style to National Anthem

Seven-year-old Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja from Los Angeles, CA, USA is quite the singer. The youngster has become a viral sensation since stunning a crowd at an LA Galaxy soccer game with her rendition of America’s National Anthem. Malea has been given he nickname “The Tiny but Mighty 7 Year Old Singer” for her explosive voice.

Although Malea’s performance was spectacular, she tells CNN she was a bit on edge performing the National Anthem in front of twenty-five thousand people. “I’m nervous but I tell myself I can’t get anything wrong because it’s a really special song for America, so I just keep on doing what I’m supposed to do and it goes away,” she states.

Malea’s been singing for as long as she can remember and has always wanted to become a famous singer.

“I was just singing when I was a baby, and then I told myself maybe someday I could be a famous singer,” Malea continues. “When I was just singing, my dad saw me, and when I was three, he put me in singing lessons.”

Singing is just one of Malea’s talents. She also dances, plays the violins and acts. She has been seen in commercials and performing on large stages, including the World Famous Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

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