8 Parenting Behaviors That Can Disrupt Your Child’s Future

We all know that as parents our kids look up to us. This is why we need to be careful with our behavior when they’re around because ours can rub off on them. Below are eight behaviors that can affect a child’s future, according to HealthiGuide.

Casual Lying

A casual lie, also known as a white lie, is a small step towards dishonesty. Kids often tell white lies to stay out of trouble. However, this tends to lead them into bigger trouble, so it’s important we don’t tell white lies ourselves so we set a good example for honesty, integrity and truth.

Too Eager to Rescue

Parents who are eager to rescue their kids from everything quickly are detrimental to their children’s future. This behavior is known as coddling and could have them always coming to Mom and Dad for help each time they get in trouble or need something. Now, there’s nothing wrong with helping your children. After all, we want to protect them naturally, but let them learn a little bit while doing so. Don’t jump on the situation immediately. Let them figure some things out for themselves.

Indulging Quickly

Sometimes it seems easier to give in to our children’s wants than to hold firm, but that can hurt their future. Children are going to throw tantrums, but it’s important not to give in because it shows them they can get what they want after throwing a fit long enough. Being a responsible parent, you’ll see through the tantrum and talk to them about their behavior when it’s over. An indulgent parent will give in so they don’t have to deal with the tantrum.


We all tend to strive for perfectionism throughout life, especially as parents. However, it’s important to know that putting on a “perfect facade” can hurt your child more than help. Don’t try to be perfect so don’t act like you’re the perfect parent. We are all human and make mistakes. That’s an important part of parenting. Learning from your mistakes and letting your child learn from them as well. This makes you more approachable and embracing.

Unnecessarily Praising Children

Parents are our children’s number one champion, but don’t over do it. Praising them achievements is great, but don’t overkill it by praising them for every non achievement. Don’t “gift” your child every time he or she does something right. This can lead to entitlement where they expect something every time they do something, such as washing dishes, folding laundry, walking the dog, etc. These are things they should be helping with, so don’t reward them every time.

Raising Puppets

Children are not puppets and shouldn’t be treated like one. Let your children have their own independent thoughts, beliefs, goals, passions and purpose. This allows them to become their own person where they can grown and learn on their own.

Playing too Safe

Teach your child to become personally responsible for their own actions and decisions. Decisions can often be rewarding as well as disappointing. It’s important to let them know you support their decision either way. No one is perfect and sometimes decisions, whether wrong or right, don’t always pan out the way we had hoped. This let’s them face life’s setbacks and teaches them how to push forward and move on.

Being Over-Possessive

Parents can get attached to their children that they become overly possessive of them. Statistics show mothers can be more possessive than fathers, but it happens from both. Don’t be a parent that seizes control of every decision that your child makes, including, but not limited to, child goals, friendships, and sometimes even marital partner. This can cause the child to feel alienated and stifled by his or her parent(s) possessiveness.

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