Alex Freeman empowers kids through music

Pop star inspires kids through music

Twelve-year-old rising pop star Alex Freeman has released five original songs in her young career. Freeman has studied Taylor Swift and loves how she connects with her fans as well as continued to write her own music. Freeman loves how Swift stays true to her message and performs to large audiences. The young singer/songwriter has been touring and performing her original music as well as covers, as she loves the interaction with the crowd.

Freeman has opened for Kidz Bop in front of 12,000 people in New York and at the Florida Family Kids Expo in front of 19,000 spectators. Freeman was once asked, “How can someone so young bring such high energy, an amazing show and electrify the audience?” Freeman responds, “I feel the most alive when I’m on stage, and I give it every ounce of my energy…. the best part is when they give energy back!”

Like Taylor Swift, Alex Freeman has her message. She wants to empower kids to dream big, set goals and go after them with confidence and determination. Freeman has spoken to many schools about being kind and setting goals. She tells the kids, “Every day you get to wake up and decide who you are going to be today….so be amazing, do amazing things and brighten someone’s day.”

She tells kids to smile and be nice. Freeman’s first song she wrote when she was five years old was called “Be Nice,” a song she she was inspired to write after being bullied. She wanted to help other kids who are being or have been bullied not feel the way she did like no one cared.

“I just love music and everything about it, I don’t think anyone’s life could be complete without it,” Freeman adds.

Freeman also hopes to inspire others through her blog. She writes about a variety of topics, including how important it is to follow your dreams.

“Being in charge of my own goals is something that excites me and gives me power,” she writes. I don’t want around for anyone else to make my dreams come true- I go out and do it! It is something I believe so strongly in, and it is why I do everything I can to help other kids know they have the power, too!”

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