All children should be learning music

Music has a lot of advantages

Music education has become a luxury throughout most of the world as school boards cut funding for music and arts education. As school officials review their budgets each year, music is often among the first to be cut and that is dangerous. Music education can help students in a variety of ways.

Students tend to have a capacity to work faster and more efficiently when music is apart of their lives. They tend to be able to focus more and excel in other studies, such as math and science.

Students often gain the ability to tap into multiple skill sets and become more creative as they learn music. Studies also prove that “musical discourse engages language areas of the brain specialized for processing of syntax, but in a manner that is not contingent upon semantic processing.”

Music and language require an ordered sequence of sounds to convey meaning, but substantially differ in their use of pitch, rhythmic metrical structure, and the way they convey messages.

Learning a musical instrument enhances cognitive development and moods. It gives students a chance to “learn to learn” where they can understand trial and error in their choices with keys, pitch and rhythm. Music teaches discipline and helps them as they make life decisions.

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