Assigning Kids Chores by Age

No kid likes being assigned chores, but it’s important to teach our kids responsibility early in life. Kids should be taught chores as early as two years of age. This will help them develop organizational skills and give them a better understanding of what’s expected from them as they grow older.

Chores also teach them an array of different abilities including competence and self-esteem. Bub Hub has comprised a list of age-appropriate chores from ages two to eight that will let your kids help Mom and Dad.

Age 2
  • Pack away toys and activities with some help.
  • Let them find shoes and socks and attempt to put them on.
  • Place dirty clothes in the hamper.
  • Use a dustpan and brush, a bit.
Age 3
  • Do all the above, but better.
  • Pack all toys and items away properly.
  • Fold and place clothes in drawers properly.
  • Let them use the toilet themselves.
  • Organize their toys.
  • Sort their shelves.
  • Start using utensils correctly.
  • Dress themselves.
  • Put items away in the correct place.
Age 4
  • Set the table.
  • Collect dirty utensils, plates and cups and put them in the sink.
  • Wash basic items at the sink on a stool, if necessary.
  • Tidy up better.
  • Manage their own self-cleaning.
  • Dress themselves.
  • Pour their own drinks.
  • Make a basic sandwich
  • Learn how to use utensils correctly.
  • Use game consoles and the TV.
  • Start learning to make their bed.
Age 5
  • Fairly independent doing all of the above.
  • Make their own bed.
  • Place spreads, cheese and meats on sandwiches or plates.
  • Setting and clearing the table properly.
Ages 6-8
  • Assist in cutting up vegetables or salad, under supervision.
  • Clean and polish.
  • Sweep or vacuum.
  • Pack up outside items.
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