Baby photographer brings unique take on infancy and parenthood

Anne Geddes’ unique take on infancy and parenthood has made her the most notable baby photographer in the world. Her book, Small World, captures the beauty, purity, and vulnerability of early childhood with her belief that every child must be “protected, nurtured and loved.”

“My whole philosophy around my work is the importance of babies, what they bring to families, the miracle of conception and pregnancy. I had two babies myself. I tried to also portray with the newborns what it must be like in those weeks before birth, how they were in the womb,” Geddes says. “In a lot of the pregnant images in this new book, Small World, I really see the connection with nature and pregnant women and so I styled a lot of these women in line with elements of nature that bring forth new life. What I was trying to say to people is it’s around you all the time. It’s in your backyard and we take some much of it for granted.”

Small World compiles photographs, many unseen, from Geddes’ complete archive that dates to the late 1980s. The book honors a whimsical and endearing aesthetic and underlying philosophy of care for the young and vulnerable. She follows her own way using soft, characterful and vibrant portraits.

A global ambassador for children, Geddes has her own Philanthropic Trust and is an Ambassador Volunteer for the March of Dimes and an Ambassador for the GSK global awareness campaign for meningococcal disease.


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