Bullying is global issue that must be stopped

Bullying has always been around, but it has become a global epidemic that must be stopped. Many bullied kids have suffered serious emotional and psychological harm and are more at risk for poor school adjustment, sleep difficulties, anxiety, depression, substance use, and violent behavior later in adolescence and adulthood.

The National Center for Educational Statistics claims more than one out of every five students, or 20%, in the United States has reported that they’ve been bullied. The same goes for students in Australia.

Davis & Nixon state that looks (55%), body shape (37%) and race (16%) are the top three reasons kids are bullied. While 53% of bullied students have sought assistance from other students, only 51% have gone to their parents for help with 38% going to teachers or counselors.

Kids should feel safer reporting bullying to their teachers, but most have reservations about it. Roughly 70 percent of students who sought help from a teacher saw the bullying continue, although at a reduced rate in some cases. The Conversation has compiled the top seven reasons kids don’t report bullying to teachers.

  1. Uncertainty about the role teachers play in addressing the bullying, such as it’s none of their business or they are to teach only.
  2. Bullying is a personal matter as some feel there’s no one in school they can trust.
  3. Lack of belief the bullying would be taken seriously as teachers may laugh and even brush off students’ problems.
  4. Fear of repercussions and continue to be teased for “tattling” on the bully.
  5. Not wishing to get others into trouble which would
  6. A sense of personal inadequacy as “I would feel weak and embarrassed.”
  7. Having a preferred option by seeking help from friends and parents.

Teachers and parents should instill into our kids’ brains that bullying has no place in society and that it won’t be tolerated. Bullying often stems from dysfunctional relationships, typically at home. By recognizing this, teachers can have a more effective way of stopping the bullying.

ABC has released a two-part documentary, called Bullied, which addresses the question of how victimized students can receive help from their school. It shows how reluctant students are to report bullying and how teachers lack the skill to stop it.


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