Aerobics & Dance

Boys in Ballet

If you are the parent of a young boy, you probably already have an idea of what types of extracurricular activities he should be involved in.  When it comes to dancing, not many parents would seriously contemplate enrolling their son in a ballet class.  Typically considered a dance genre for girls, ballet is becoming an increasingly popular option in the United States.  Ballet actually relies on the basic tenet that male dancers are supposed to be strong and athletic, not delicate.  Who can overlook the fact that one of the most famous male ballerinas, Mikhail Baryshnikov, is also considered to be incredibly strong yet agile? 

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Shall We Dance?

When we see that little body rocking back and forth to the beat of the music, we parents marvel at our child’s innate sense of rhythm.  Do we have a professional dancer in the making? Could we have the next Justin Timberlake right under our noses and not even know it?  We then begin to wonder how soon our child can begin to learn the art of dancing…

You can actually start of by exposing your little one to Mommy or Daddy and Me style classes so that together you can discover the joy of movement.  Or, if your toddler is more independent, you can get him or her started with tumbling or gymnastics classes where they can learn to do somersaults and headstands.  And even if your child can’t do each move perfectly, it’s a great way for him or her to have fun.  By the age of 2 or 3, you can try engaging your child in informal ore-dance classes such as creative movement. 

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