Arts Education

Ten Arts Education Facts

Proof arts education is valuable to society
Art, including music, theater, dance, sports and visual arts, has a huge impact on life. Although it’s multi-cultural and subjective, it plays a huge rule in everyone’s life whether they realize it or not. As educators around the world cut arts funding, it’s important

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WATCH: Insanely Talented Kids

This compilation video can help spread the importance of art education
Let’s face it! Kids are pretty talented! Whether it’s music, dance, sports or some combination thereof, kids are savvy throughout all forms of art. They may not realize how healthy and educational their experiences are, but they’re enjoying themselves and

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Arts Education Empowers Learning

Arts education helps with problem solving as one as to think outside of the box
Arts is a very powerful medium. Many may not realize how arts education empowers learning in general. Whether it be science, math, engineering, architecture, geography, philosophy, etc., the arts has a huge impact on every subject.

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Girl Without Arms Plays Piano Beautifully

The young performer is the winner of Romania’s Got Talent
Fourteen year old Alberta Mosnegutu, known professionally as Lorelai Mosnegutu, from Romania has lived her entire life without arms. She was born without arms and without femurs, causing her legs to be half the length they should be. She was adopted at six

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Casio Understands Importance of Music Education

Casio provides innovative technology to make learning music easier
Casio America, Inc., a leading manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, is dedicated to providing budding musicians of all levels with the instruments they need to foster a love and appreciation of music. Besides teaming up with various organizations to gift music classrooms keyboards

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Importance of Visual Arts

Visual arts describes a broad category that describes artistic disciplines. Drawing, painting, sculpturing, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, film making and architecture are all types of visual arts. Let’s break these down a bit as one understands their importance.
Fine Arts
Fine arts are defined as a creative art which are appreciated

Cutting edge children’s books revolutionize learning

Arizona-based media company MVP Kids Media has launched the first of their revolutionary series of children’s books specifically designed to entertain children, instill character and navigate the complexities of growing up well in today’s world. Through the stars of their products, a cast of sixteen characters from diverse cultural, ethnic and

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