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Are kids prepared for 100 healthy years?

World Health Organization statistics show that today’s children are likely to be the first to live 100 years, as global life expectancy continues to increase. During the Global Consumer Health Debate, The United Nations (UN), UNICEF, UNAIDS, World Obesity Federation and McKinsey discuss how children can live 100 healthy years.

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Syrian school children affected by war

The Syrian Conflict has taken hundreds of thousands of lives and has caused severe economic consequences through the worn-torn country of Syria. While thousands have fled the country in hopes for a better life elsewhere, many — including school children — remain and must deal with on going airstrikes and daily attacks from ISIS terrorists.

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Story of Remarkable Blind Boy Inspires Kids to Overcome Challenges

چیرۆکى کورێکى نابیناى سەرسورهێنەر منداڵان هاندەدات بۆ زاڵبوون بەسەر کۆسپ و تەگەرەکان
گۆڤارى لایتسویچ لێرنینگ پەرتوکێکى وێنەیی بۆ منداڵان بڵاوکردەوە بە ناونیشانى (ئەو کورەى چاوەکانى ئێمەى کردەوە) کە هانى بۆ دراوە لە لایەن نووسەرى هۆنراوە (ئیلێین سەسمان) وە لەسەر گرنگى ئەرکى ماڵەوە بۆ پۆڵى پێنجەم نووسیویەتى لە سالانى پەنجاکانى سەدەى بیستەم.

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