All children should be learning music

Music has a lot of advantages
Music education has become a luxury throughout most of the world as school boards cut funding for music and arts education. As school officials review their budgets each year, music is often among the first to be cut and that is dangerous. Music education can

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Alex Freeman empowers kids through music

Pop star inspires kids through music
Twelve-year-old rising pop star Alex Freeman has released five original songs in her young career. Freeman has studied Taylor Swift and loves how she connects with her fans as well as continued to write her own music. Freeman loves how Swift stays true to her

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Trilingual singer releases debut song at 11 years old

Szandra Mayer is fluent in English, Hungarian and Spanish
Born to sing, perform and shine, very talented 11-year-old singer Szandra Mayer has released “Paradise,” her second single, and a very cool music video to go with it. The trilingual singer — who is Hungarian and Spanish and speaks both languages fluently

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Amazing Young Darbuka Player

Young hand drummer wows Istanbul crowd

Mashallah to this youngster! Watch this amazing performance by Sercan Gider, who is now around 12 years old, play the darbuka hand drum on the streets of Istanbul. A large crowd gathers to watch as he and an unknown gentlemen wow the crowd of onlookers.

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Meet two-year-old drummer Lennox

The young musician has hundreds of thousands of video views
Two-year-old Lennox Howard Noble is a drummer in the making. The young musician can always be seen beating on something while sucking on his binky. He started playing at about 18 months old and has quite the talent.

“Anywhere we would go,

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Breakthrough Development of Music for Better Baby Sleep

Music featured is desired by parents to mask outside noises for undisturbed rest
Most moms play either a sound machine or Mozart-like music for their baby’s sleep. Baby Acoustics’ Sound Asleep Music Bluetooth Bear has brought these two concepts together with breakthrough research on what works best for baby ears for repeatable

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