Music therapy is an evidenced-based practice

Music therapy is an evidenced-based practice, targeting physical, neurologic, communication, emotional, educational and behavioral goals to promote positive therapeutic change. Music therapy also looks at the whole child, brings forth their abilities and provides opportunities for creative self-expression, normalization of the environment, emotional processing and social int eraction. Music therapy facilitates a space for the child to be a child, allows the child to express all the wonder, creativity, and inspiration they have to share with the world.

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VH1 Save The Music Foundation helps preserve music education

The VH1 Save The Music Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to ensuring that music instruction is a core component to a complete education, giving children the tools and confidence to excel in academics and in life. The organization has provided 2.3 million children in 1,900 public schools in America with more than $51 million in new musical instruments donated since 1997.

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