Styles of Parenting

Authoritative, authoritarian, neglectful and permissive are all different styles of parenting
There are four types of parenting styles in today’s society: authoritative, authoritarian, neglectful and permissive. Each one has different characteristics that often bring different reactions when imposed on your child(ren). Let’s briefly discuss each one so you can compare.

Authoritative is

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The Great Kindness Challenge

Hasbro is on board with the initiative
Teaching your kids to be kind is one of the most responsible things a parent or guardian can do. Global nonprofit Kids for Peace wants to help with that initiative through its Great Kindness Challenge – Family Edition which gives children and their families a

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How much sleep should your child be getting each night?

Experts suggest young children get more sleep for growth
We all know sleep is important to a healthy lifestyle, especially as children, since sleep is the primary activity during early development. However, many children lack the amount of recommended sleep. Why is this? How much should your child be getting each

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Aromatherapy spray helps parents, teachers with behavior

Eight ounce sprays help combat bullying and other behavior issues
Aromatherapy room sprays are being used across the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Australia to help teachers (and parents) combat behavioral issues. Spray ‘Em Away is being used in classrooms to start conversations about bullying which help kids face their fears while

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Eight Effective Ways to Manage Child Anger

If your child gets angry often, loses self control, behaves recklessly or doesn’t care about others’ feelings, your child has anger management issues. Kids who act out of anger often end up hurting themselves and others. Some issues can be evident while others can be underlying. Here are some tips

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Chrysalis focuses on Human Potential in every child in India

A multi-channel approach to maximize the reach of this movement, integrating Human Potential framework into mainstream curriculum of more than 15 lakh schools in India, both Public and Private
Chrysalis, a leading organization in educational reform, marks the rise of a new education system that focuses on awakening the Human Potential

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App Helps Grades K-9 Develop, Practice Life Skills

Online platform features 60+ courses, 5,000+ minutes of animated video, and thousands of interactive lessons students can use in school or at home
WittyWe, a learning environment covering school curriculum topics, life skills and college-level enrichment, helps students in grades K-9 engage in deeper learning while developing and practicing important life

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Parents Can Track Childhood Development Through App

Free app available for iOS and Android devices

Parents have a mobile app they can use to track their child’s development and assist with learning. The free MIlestone Tracker app makes it easy for parents to track, support and celebrate their young child’s development and know if they’re on track for their age.

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