10 Signs of Nutritional Deficiencies in Children

As a parent, it’s often easy to let your kids eat what they want. After all, they’re your babies and you want to keep them happy. However, most often than not, they don’t want healthy snacks or meals which can lack the nutritious value they need. Here are ten signs parents of nutritional deficiencies parents need to look for in their children, per Weed ‘Em And Weep’s blog.

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How to Raise Your Child While Disciplining Less

There’s no doubt that raising a child requires discipline, but too much of it can be more hurtful than we may imagine. This chart below gives you five simple steps in how to raise your child while disciplining less. By following these steps, your child will be happier, more successful and cooperative.

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Social-Emotional Apps for Special Ed

By Jayne Clare (

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the cornerstone of emotional intelligence, as these abilities do not come naturally for some special education students. Children in special ed settings need to have their confidence, courage, and emotional awareness nurtured in order to successfully play, work, cooperate, and be productive in their studies.

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Pets help kids with special needs

Researchers surveyed 70 parents of children ages 8 to 18 with autism. They found that having any kind of pet at home may increase a child’s assertiveness in social situations and their ability to make introductions and ask questions. Carlisle, the study’s author, says parents linked dog ownership to responsibility, companionship and stress relief.

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Kids with PTSD find help through adventure-based therapy

لەسەر بنەماى چارەسەر- منداڵان لەگەڵ پەشێوى دڵەراوکێی دواى تاسان PTSD لە رێگاى سەرکەشى یارمەتى دەدۆزنەوە
هاوكارى كردنى منداڵ بۆ رووبەروبوونەوەى پەشێوى دڵەراوکێی دواى تاسان و نيشانەكانى – دڵەڕاوكێى زۆر، مەزاجێكى خێرا، كشانەوە، وە گرفتەکانى خەوتن –تا ڕادەيەك ئەمە بوارێکى نوێيە. ئەو بابەتە بوونى نەبوو تاکو ساڵى ١٩٨٧ كە كۆمەڵگەى پزيشكى بە

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