TV Overload

Many parents these days are overloaded with their chores at home as well as their professional responsibilities. Often, it is easier to plunk your child in front of the television rather than taking the time to play with him or her. The television tactic usually keeps your child happy and most importantly quiet – in fact just sedated enough to help you get things done around the house!

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Road Trip

Taking a long ride with your toddler may be daunting. While you may be more focused on planning your trip itinerary, your little one definitely has other things in mind. Namely how to play in the car. Since your child probably does not yet have a good grasp of the notion of time, it’s up to you to properly plan for this road trip! Here are a few tips for helping your child get through the upcoming trip without having a meltdown:

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A Snack or Two Will Do

Snacks have become a bit of a problem these days – it’s the parents fault really. In a well-meaning parent’s quest to ensure that their child has eaten something….anything…the snack has started to overshadow the actual meal. With lots of prepackaged options, parents are quick to grab something to have on hand. What ends up happening is that the child begins to prefer these snacks to nutritious meals. So how can the well-intentioned parent get out of this risky cycle?

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Dealing With a Sore Loser

When your child was little, you couldn’t wait for him or her to be “old” enough to play games with you. Little did you realize that playing games now opened up a whole new world of winners and losers…and sore losers. Surely, you never thought that your kid would turn out to be “that” child” – the sore loser. Of course, it’s good to be competitive and want to win. It’s quite another thing for your child to get upset and lash out at others if he or she doesn’t end up winning. What can you do to foster a healthier response from your child in these types of situations? And no, not allowing him or her to play games any longer is not the answer!

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Tale of Two Languages

America is the great melting pot, where many immigrants made their way to Ellis Island to escape poverty, religious persecution or political oppression to create their own opportunities. Over the years, many different cultures and ethnicities have mixed to give rise to multicultural and/or multi-ethnic offspring. As these children begin to develop, parents are sometimes confused about which language or languages their child should actually speak. At one point in time, many immigrants refused to teach their children their native language so that they could better assimilate in the United States. Although this is no longer the case, some parents continue to wonder whether they should the parents focus on English so that child will have mastery of the language by the time they get to kindergarten, or should they instead focus on the second language so that the child will have a good sense of their culture?

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Bite No More

Many of us have experienced that horribly embarrassing moment when our toddler appears to be playing calmly with a friend when all of a sudden she takes a bite and all mayhem breaks loose.  Children are crying, tempers are flaring, and you know the right thing to do is to discipline your child.  Although you firmly remind your toddler that it is not nice to bite, you wonder whether this will be enough to prevent your child from biting in the future.  You also wonder if she even understands why it is not okay to bite since reasoning with a toddler (especially a cranky one!) is not always easy!  This is generally a delicate developmental stage for your toddler who could still be at the tail-end of teething or simply experimenting with her emotions.  To help prevent your child from biting, here are a few tips:

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Give it a Shot!

We all want to give our children the best “shot” in life. That includes getting vaccinations on schedule. But even we parents get a little apprehensive about our children’s vaccinations. So we end up thinking that delaying the vaccinations will help the situation. However, this only tends to aggravate the situation. In fact, the older your child gets, the more he or she may become anxious at the thought of these visits to the doctor. So, how can we help our little ones overcome their fears as well as ours?

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Don’t Trip Up

As a parent, we are sometimes amazed by the new depths of our patience. Other times, we surprise ourselves by our utter lack of patience. We are also horrified by some of the words that come out of our mouths in our moments of exasperation. But then again, while we know that we are not perfect, we also realize that we are often times overworked and exhausted. So how can we parents avoid the oh-so-common pitfalls of parenting while still trying to discipline our children effectively?

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Pushing the Limit

زۆری لێکردن بە شێوەى سنووردار
ئەو زۆر لێکردنە بەکاردێت بۆ ئەوەى ببیى بەو منداڵە بچووکانەى کە بتوانن تەنیا خۆشى وەرگرن لە راکردن لە دەرەوە وە یاری بکەن لەگەڵ هاورێکانیان. ئەمرۆ, منداڵان کاتى کەمیان لەبەردەستە بۆ ئەنجامدانى یارى لەبەرئەوەى زیاتر بەشدارى دەکەن لە وەرزشە رێکخراوەییەکان. لە ساتى ئێستادا دایک و باوک زۆرى

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Ready or Not Here We Come

Homework – the very word makes students and parents alike cringe. Let’s be honest, the homework isn’t generally too difficult. It’s the sheer volume that is daunting. What’s even more alarming is that most schools are beginning to assign homework even earlier. Parents of PreK4 students are generally shocked to find that their preschooler has now entered an initiation year, where the primary intent is to prepare these 4-year-olds and 5-year-olds for the ensuing years of homework. Isn’t this a bit too early? Is there any basis to this early introduction to homework?

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