Visual Arts

11 Year Old Girl Doesn’t Let Disease Stop Her From Painting

کچى تەمەن 11 ساڵان رێگا نادات نەخۆشیى رێگای پێبگرێ لە کردارى وێنەکێشان
منداڵى بچووک ئازار دەچێژێت لە دەست نەخۆشى ئێسکەنەرمە
کەیت بورودولکینۆى تەمەن یانزە ساڵان لە شارى مۆسکۆ، رووسیا ئازار دەچێژێت لە دەست نەخۆشى ئێسکەنەرمە، ئەو نەخۆشیەى کە ژیانى ئاسایی منداڵ دەگۆرێ، لەو ساتەوەى کە تەمەنى چوار ساڵانە لە رێگاى بۆرى دەستکرد

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Scholastic expanding My Arabic Library for Pre-K & kindergarten worldwide

My Arabic Library for preschool and kindergarten includes 25 beloved titles adapted into Modern Standard Arabic, a comprehensive teacher guide, classroom activities, and more
Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education, and media company, has expanded My Arabic Library, the first leveled reading program available in Arabic for grades 1–6, to include

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12 year old creates origami art display

Deep Blue aims to educate the public about the fragile ecosystem of Lake Ontario
Twelve year old Daniel Ranger has created a unique origami art project on display at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto. Deep Blue is a stunning collaborative art installation comprised of more than 2000 origami swans, carp, bass, sturgeon

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Importance of Visual Arts

Visual arts describes a broad category that describes artistic disciplines. Drawing, painting, sculpturing, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, film making and architecture are all types of visual arts. Let’s break these down a bit as one understands their importance.
Fine Arts
Fine arts are defined as a creative art which are appreciated

The Importance of Visual Arts

Arts education helps students with a variety of skills

Every student deserves to learn art, but with education cutbacks, arts education is often the first to go from public education. Visual literacy plays such an important role in our lives, that many kids in kindergarten through eighth grade are missing out due to educators’ choices to cut out art from the curriculum.

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Story of Remarkable Blind Boy Inspires Kids to Overcome Challenges

چیرۆکى کورێکى نابیناى سەرسورهێنەر منداڵان هاندەدات بۆ زاڵبوون بەسەر کۆسپ و تەگەرەکان
گۆڤارى لایتسویچ لێرنینگ پەرتوکێکى وێنەیی بۆ منداڵان بڵاوکردەوە بە ناونیشانى (ئەو کورەى چاوەکانى ئێمەى کردەوە) کە هانى بۆ دراوە لە لایەن نووسەرى هۆنراوە (ئیلێین سەسمان) وە لەسەر گرنگى ئەرکى ماڵەوە بۆ پۆڵى پێنجەم نووسیویەتى لە سالانى پەنجاکانى سەدەى بیستەم.

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