Channeling Your Anger

As a parent, things can get a bit overwhelming on a daily basis.  With all of the added responsibilities of being a parent, you may find yourself having some difficulty controlling your anger.  So when things don’t go smoothly, your frustrations may be quick to surface.  Keeping your anger in check can be a challenge especially when it is time to discipline your child.  How can you make sure that you can properly discipline your children when you are brimming over with anger?

– Refrain from punishing your child while you are still angry.

– Take time to let your anger cool off.

– Focus on understanding why your child has acted up.

– Implement positive discipline.  For example, communicate your feelings about your child’s behavior without focusing directly on him or her.  Simply tell you child that you do not approve of what he or she is doing.

– Remain consistent by creating house rules and enforcing them.  This helps your child understand which behavior is unacceptable.

Let’s face it, anger is a normal human emotion.   But it’s how we react while we are angry that can either aggravate or improve a situation.  Little ones are constantly watching their parents for cues on how they should behave.  As a parent, you should be mindful of setting an example so that you do not discipline your child in a heated moment of anger.  Be sure to express your anger in a positive manner so that your child will understand that you are taking the time to discipline him or her out of love.

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