Children’s World Art Initiative

Children’s World Art Initiative (CWA) utilizes creative arts to help children develop real-life skills, such as problem solving, critical thinking, helps build self-esteem and confidence. The arts also will increase opportunities for self-expression and an individual’s sense of belonging or attachment to a community.

CWA creates sustainable, global art workshops financially fueled by non profit donation as well as U.S. based art workshops, called The Art Effect. A portion of the fees paid by participants in these U.S. based art workshops will help fund the global art workshops.

The Art Effect will be a unique opportunity for children to share their art, enabling them to grow, achieve, and build self-esteem together. These U.S. participants will create and learn about art while also learning the value of giving back and the importance of helping others.

The internationally based participants will have access to art workshops that would not ordinarily be provided in their area, or that they could afford as well as becoming part of an international peer art community. All children will have the shared experience of participating in the art workshops.

Children’s World Art residency in Amman, Jordan focused on reaching out to the refugee community through an organization called The Collateral Repair Project (CRP). CRP works as a community center for Syrian, Palestinian and Iraqi refugees. The organization was able to reach our main goal of creating a sustainable, supportive art program for the children they serve. They were also able to build alliances with other NGO’s working on the front lines of this Middle Eastern refugee crisis to continue our work in the future.

The Middle East can be a complex environment and forever in our hearts and minds. The victims of war can not be a forgotten community. Having the chance to grant people with the gift of art was powerful and moving. Art can be a facilitator of change and link to individuals own humanity. Learning a new way of life in the same time, processing the trauma and loss of the life they once knew, the refugees are amongst the strongest, most resilient lot the CRP has ever met.

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