Credit Card Art

Did you know that credit cards, gift cards, hotel room keys and other plastic card-like objects make great art projects? With technology these days, sometimes it’s hard to get creative, but you and your kids can use these objects to paint great looking art you can display around your home, according to

The plastic cards — old is recommended to not affect your good cards — or anything with a straight edge, can be used in lieu of paint brushes. You just need to buy an assortment of colors of acrylic paint and some type of painting surface — even old cereal boxes will do — and let your kids have fun. So it’s easier for the kids, pour some paint of each color onto a piece of cardboard so they can drape, scrape, pat and paint new works of art that they (and you) can be proud of.

This is a great technique for kids to explore with paint and learn how to express themselves with creativity. There are no boundaries in art and it’s important for your child to learn how they can be creative on their own. Arts education is on the decline and this creativity is just another example of why it should continue.

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