Dancing is a cultural phenomenon

Dancing has many physical, social and psychological benefits

People from all ages and cultures dance! It’s just a force of nature and can’t be prevented. It’s super important to let kids dance as benefits come in physical, social and psychological form including increased heart health, muscular strength and others. Kids can also destress as dancing is about creating a new rhythm and rediscovering oneself, according to Hindu culture. Dancing also creates great harmony between the body and mind.

Dancing is an expressive art as it can tell stories and entertain. “Dance is not just about shaking the body; it relaxes the body and mind and promotes cohesiveness among dancers,” says Kevin Babb, founder and director of Dance Kenya Studios and executive director of Bethezer Dance.

Saskia’s Dance School in the Netherlands mixes hip hop, show dancing, jazz, modern and sports. They teach dance as young as three and a half years through adulthood. They have various demo and groups that compete throughout the country.

Their dance and fitness channel has 2.5 million subscribers and has been viewed 650 million times, making their channel one of the largest fitness dance channels worldwide. Their choreographies are used by other dance and fitness teachers around the world, inspiring people throughout with their enthusiasm and love.

Watch kids below dance to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling.” Go ahead. Get inspired and join them! Live a healthy lifestyle through dance!

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