Deep breathing can get your kids to bed faster

Deep breathing exercises slow your heart rate and your body

Every parent knows it’s typically not easy to get their children to bed. Many have bed times, and even nighttime routines, but kids often throw fits when it comes time to go to bed. They don’t understand how important sleep is to their bodies and want more electronic time or just awake time, in general. If you want to get your kids to fall asleep faster, try deep breathing.

Sit with your child at bedtime and start deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing is contagious like yawning and will help slow your heart rate. This allows your body to relax and slow down. As you feel your heart slowing, your mind gets quieter and your body begins to relax. If you deep breathe while hugging your child, you can feel their heart rate and body do the same. Finally, they fall into you and out they go. The Military Wife and Mom says, “It washes over you and your child like a calming, relaxing sleepytime medicine.”

This technique can be used any time your children are having trouble getting to sleep. Whether they’re wound up from an active day or they cry their eyes out in fear of sleeping, try deep breathing with them. It may take longer some nights than others, but it will certainly make bed time easier on both you and them.

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