FAB! Learning Mexico changes the educational model in Mexico

Children and young people solve problems with technology

FAB! Learning Mexico, a civil association dedicated to promoting educational innovation in Mexico, is offering an educational initiative aimed at children and young people to use technology and solve real problems.

FAB! Learning Mexico, along with the Tamayo Museum in Mexico City, is offering digital manufacturing courses where children and young people between 6 and 18 years of age learn to use 3D printers, laser cutters, programming, circuits and micro controllers to develop solutions to problems that they themselves identify in their community, or simply correspond to personal concerns.

“The educational model of FAB! Integrates different methodologies such as: Education 3.0, constructivist models and project-based education,” explains Sofía Galán, CEO at FAB!. “Each generation of students opens the possibility of changing the educational model in Mexico. Our goal is to create an ecosystem education that involves universities, parents and teachers to use technology as part of their regular subjects.”

An example of these courses includes an automated garden with sensors that measure the level of moisture in the soil and optimize the growing conditions of vegetables, among others.

Courses are 75 hours each and are divided into three levels of 25 hours. Each one uses laser cutters and 3D printing where prototypes are developed. Other courses include FAB! Code App Workshop that teaches basic programming to develop simple applications and FAB! Mini Makers which is an introductory course to digital manufacturing where children learn about science and basic concepts through stories, such as exploring a jungle or a trip to another planet.

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