Girl Without Arms Plays Piano Beautifully

The young performer is the winner of Romania’s Got Talent

Fourteen year old Alberta Mosnegutu, known professionally as Lorelai Mosnegutu, from Romania has lived her entire life without arms. She was born without arms and without femurs, causing her legs to be half the length they should be. She was adopted at six months old after her birth mother abandoned her when doctors advised she’d only live a few days. Her adopted mother, “Mother Vio,” didn’t stop believing in the young child as she taught Lorelai to write with her toes. Lorelai didn’t speak until she was three years old and didn’t walk until she was four, making things even more difficult for her.

Romanian’s have been introduced to Lorelai’s story through Romania’s Got Talent, as the Lorelai has appeared on the show. Most wouldn’t expect her to play an instrument without arms, but she has wowed the audience and even won the competition with her piano, guitar and singing abilities.

“Excuse me, how are you going to play the piano?” one judge asks.

“With my feet,” she answers swiftly.

Lorelai’s performance proves that anyone can accomplish anything, if they put their mind to it. Lorelai doesn’t let her disability affect her way of life. She has determined to move forward and continue her singing career as she invests her winnings into an apartment with specialized furniture.

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