Help Get Social and Emotional Learning into Schools

Be Part of the Solution combats bullying, substance abuse and mental illness

Be Part of the Solution is a campaign to keep our children safe by providing schools with a program that includes the skills and tools that scientific research has proven can reduce and even prevent bullying, substance abuse and mental illnesses. The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement works with The Impact Vine to raise funds and awareness around the solution.

“We must be proactive and preventative in our approach to violence in our schools,” states Scarlett Lewis, Founder of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement. “If we continue to be reactive, we will always be one step behind on these issues. Social and emotional Learning needs to be part of every school safety plan by cultivating safety from the inside out and addressing the cause of the tragedies that have become commonplace in our schools.”

SEL teaches kids how to get along, how to have healthy and positive relationships, deep and meaningful connections, skills and tools for resilience, emotional management, conflict resolution and responsible decision-making among other qualities. Donations, grants and volunteers enable the pre-K through 12th grade Choose Love Enrichment Program to be offered to schools at no cost.

Donors who support the Be Part of the Solution campaign on Impact Vine will help transform and possibly save lives by getting one thousand Choose Love toolkits into schools.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with the team at Choose Love on this critical, and very timely, initiative,” says¬†Susan Serven, Program Director of The Impact Vine. “We welcome everyone who would like to support Choose Love to take a look at their project, donate, and share with friends, family, colleagues, and online to spread the word!”

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