Indian mom uses baby to make beautiful art

The Indian mother uses household items to create scenes with her daughter

Krinzal Chauhan from Gujrat has created interesting and beautiful artwork using her daughter Shanaya. When she found out she was pregnant, she had to find new ways to use her creativity. She began making elaborate scenes and taking her daughter’s picture, often while she slept.

“I created my daughter, and she inspired me to create this,” the young mother tells the BBC. “I used to create the whole scene at night before going off to sleep. In the morning when she was still sleeping, I used to put her in the set, and that’s how I used to click the pictures.”

She continues, “As she grew up, she never used to stay in one place on the set. I talk to her, I make her laugh, I make her smile to get perfect poses from her. As soon as she used to see the camera, she would suddenly smile for me. That’s the time I can be with her and have one on one with her and that’s how I built the relationship and bond with her. So it’s beautiful for me as a mother.”

Chauhan says she uses household materials to create her scenes. When she wants to make a tree, she uses her husband’s trousers for the trunk. Chauhan claims she began making this beautiful art while depressed on maternity leave. She credits her husband, Himanshu, for the idea of blending her art hobby with the joys of being a mother.

“It can be a bit of a struggle, but when you have something in your mind and you’re firm in your decisions, there’s nothing that can stop you from chasing your hobby,” she chuckles.

Chauhan publishes her images on her Mommy Creates Facebook page.

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