Positive alternatives to negative parenting language

Using the word “no” and other negative words when teaching your children is a very tough thing to do. Most conceivably toddlers need to be taught limits. However, they see negative language as a penchant for disapproval rather than instruction. While it’s impossible to cut out all of these words, there are ways to turn negatives into positives.

Try using some of the following examples when it comes to disciplining and teaching your children. They will most likely respond better and learn quicker. Of course, each child is different, but using positive words will help them be better prepared for school.


Negative Uses

  • Stop hitting!
  • Don’t say that!
  • Quit crying!
  • I can’t hear you!
  • I am not buying you that!
  • Stop getting upset!
  • That’s not yours!
  • We can’t play!/We have to stop playing!



Positive Uses

  • Please keep your hands to yourself.
  • Please choose another word.
  • Please use your words.
  • Please speak clearly./Please talk louder.
  • Instead of buying that, how about we buy ___?
  • It’s okay to feel that way, but ___.
  • That belongs to ___, but you can have ___.
  • Maybe later we can play./We have to go ___.


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