How to Raise Your Child While Disciplining Less

There’s no doubt that raising a child requires discipline, but too much of it can be more hurtful than we may imagine. This chart below gives you five simple steps in how to raise your child while disciplining less. By following these steps, your child will be happier, more successful and cooperative.

1 – Start where they stump you. There’s a hidden message in their behavior.

2 – Identify your child’s true nature. If you have a fun-loving child, a sensitive child, a determined child or a more serious child, they may respond differently so it’s important to study their behavior.

3 – Interpret the tantrum. Your child is telling you something, even if they don’t know to say it.

4 – Be intuitive, not reactive. Surprise, reassure, encourage and respect your child.

5 – Enjoy the joy!


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