Road Trip

Taking a long ride with your toddler may be daunting. While you may be more focused on planning your trip itinerary, your little one definitely has other things in mind. Namely how to play in the car. Since your child probably does not yet have a good grasp of the notion of time, it’s up to you to properly plan for this road trip! Here are a few tips for helping your child get through the upcoming trip without having a meltdown:

– Plan a picnic: Prepare a special lunch of finger food that your child will enjoy eating. It should be full of protein and healthy snacks to keep your child in good spirits.
– Prepare a special backpack: Pack a bag full of games (i.e. travel sized and/or hand-held) and activities that are adapted for the car.
– Make regular pit stops: Remember that your child may not be able to hold his bladder for long periods of time. So, plan accordingly!
– Arrange a play date: Look up some playgrounds along the way to give your child a chance to stretch his legs.
– Plan a surprise: Pack a small token gift (i.e. candy or chocolate) to keep you child interested in getting from one point to another!

Remember that your child probably hasn’t had as much experience traveling by car as you. Do try to plan ahead so that you can make it as pleasant an experience as possible for him as well as for yourself!

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