Sarah McLachlan School of Music offers free music programs

Sun Life Financial deepens commitment to making music education accessible to more Canadians

Sun Life Financial and Grammy and Juno Award-winning artist, Sarah McLachlan, eunsure at-risk and underserved children and youth in Vancouver through the Sarah McLachlan School of Music. The organization continues to gain access to best-in-class music programs, free of charge.

The partnership between the two reaffirms Sun Life’s commitment to supporting music education for children and youth. It also builds upon its national award-winning Making the Arts More Accessible program, which aims to provide Canadians the opportunity to enjoy the very best of Canada’s arts and cultural community, regardless of their means.

The Sarah McLachlan School of Music opened its doors in East Vancouver in 2001. Funded by partners and fundraising donations, the program is offered at no cost to students accepted into the program. Students receive group and private instruction in guitar, piano, percussion, voice, choir, song writing, music theory and new media.

The Sarah McLachlan School of Music provides high quality music lessons in conjunction with long term supportive mentorship from local teaching artists for at-risk and underserved children and youth in Vancouver, Surrey and Edmonton. The school is a registered charity providing all of their lessons at no cost to students. The school is funded entirely through private donations. Sarah McLachlan covers one hundred percent of the admin costs through her Foundation, so that all funds raised go directly to students’ education.

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