Chart Circle

Colors and Width size, background size, background color, text, fontawesome has customize able

Live Chart Circle (Custom Text)


Live Chart Circle (FontAwesome)

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[tw_chart_circle cc_type="text" cc_line_width="3" cc_text="90%" cc_percent="90" cc_size="100" cc_font_size="28" cc_font_color="#fe4743" cc_color="#fe4743" cc_track_color="#f5f5f5" cc_icon="icon-html5"]

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[tw_chart_circle cc_type="fa" cc_line_width="5" cc_text="80%" cc_percent="80" cc_size="100" cc_font_size="28" cc_font_color="#2dcb73" cc_color="#2dcb73" cc_track_color="#f5f5f5" cc_icon="icon-html5"]
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