Summer Camp Day 1 Recap

Percussion and aerobics are the focus in the camp

Yesterday (July 8th), we had a brilliant first day at the Children In Sync Arts and Music Summer Camp 2018 at Kozhaki School in the Nishtiman area of Erbil. Sixteen girls and five boys attended the workshop for entertaining and lively sessions of aerobics and music.

We are excited to be giving children access to arts and music training which leading research has shown to positivity increase the capacity of future learning (Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center). At Children In Sync, we believe that by providing access to music and arts we are supporting our children to be creative, adaptable, flexible and innovative which will be increasingly needed in the 21st Century (UNESCO).

Thank you to the parents of the attendees for taking the time to bring their kids to the Children In Sync Arts and Music Summer Camp 2018. Together, we can positively shape the future of our kids and our community!

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