Syrian children take part in iftar meal for Ramadan

The kids held a cooking competition to prep for the meal

Many cultures often take food for granted, but this isn’t the case for residents in the rebel-torn country of Syria. Pictures have been circulating the web showing children in Douma sharing a rare Ramadan feast amidst torn up streets and homes destroyed by bombs. The Adaleh Foundation organized the meal on the street to much delight.

“We would have normally been cautious to host such events due to air strikes, but we are taking advantage of the latest de-escalation deal,” an Adaleh Foundation official tells the BBC.

The food was laid out in rows on tables that served several hundred people. One attendee says the feast would typically be “hidden in mosques, fearing strikes.”

The Foundation held a children’s cooking competition to prep for the meal. Many of the children participating have had their limbs amputated due to injuries caused by shelling during the ongoing conflict. This didn’t stop them from prepping the food as they helped each other cut fruits and vegetables for the event.

The iftar meal is held at sunset as Muslim’s break their Ramadan fast.

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