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10 Facts About How Poverty Impacts Education

Education is affected by poverty in nearly every country, including the United States. Despite education reform champions taking measures to increase testing and results-based evaluations, leaders are rarely discussing how the education of students living in low-income housing are affected by poverty.

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Hong Kong piano prodigy

Tsung Tsung, the Hong Kong 8-year-old piano prodigy everyone is talking about, has garnered more than ten million views on YouTube. He began playing piano at the age of three and was certified in Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) on the age of four. His extraordinary talent has garnered him a prize in Steinway International Piano Competition and invitations to perform around the world.

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Sports bring healthy benefits to children

وەرزش سوودى تەندروستى بۆ منداڵان دەهێنێ
منداڵى چالاک چاوەرێ ى گەشەکردنی زیاتری لێ دەکرێت بۆ چوونە ناو چالاکى جەستەیی هەرزەکاران. سوودەکانى وەرزش و چالاکیى جەستەیی بۆ منداڵان بریتیە لە کەمکردنەوەى مەترسى قەڵەوى، زیادکردنى لەشجووانى دڵ و بۆڕیەکانى خوێن، باشترکردنى هەماهەنگى و هاوسەنگیى، باشترکردنى نووستن و باشترکردنى شارەزایی کۆمەڵایەتى. لەوانەیە کەمکردنەوەى کاتى

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Best of Kids on ‘Got Talent’

It’s been known that child prodigies come from all aspects of life around the globe. Got Talent Global put together a video of some of the most talented child prodigies from the TV series Got Talent from over the years. Take a look and see what kind of talent these kids really have.

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