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11 Year Old Girl Doesn’t Let Disease Stop Her From Painting

کچى تەمەن 11 ساڵان رێگا نادات نەخۆشیى رێگای پێبگرێ لە کردارى وێنەکێشان
منداڵى بچووک ئازار دەچێژێت لە دەست نەخۆشى ئێسکەنەرمە
کەیت بورودولکینۆى تەمەن یانزە ساڵان لە شارى مۆسکۆ، رووسیا ئازار دەچێژێت لە دەست نەخۆشى ئێسکەنەرمە، ئەو نەخۆشیەى کە ژیانى ئاسایی منداڵ دەگۆرێ، لەو ساتەوەى کە تەمەنى چوار ساڵانە لە رێگاى بۆرى دەستکرد

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Fruit Punch Music is Spotify for kids

Fruit Punch Music provides families access to a huge library of ad-free music kids love, while providing peace of mind for parents that every song is appropriate.
Fruit Punch, Inc. is the world’s first music streaming platform built just for kids. Fruit Punch Music is offered by Fruit Punch, Inc., the

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Coco inspires kids to play music

Popular film has own line of guitars
The Disney/Pixar film, Coco, is sending a positive message to kids wanting to learn to play music. In the film, aspiring musician Miguel — confronted with his family’s ancestral ban on music — enters the Land of the Dead to find his great-great-grandfather, a legendary

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Physical activity is vital to holistic development of kids

چالاکی جەستەیی گرنگە بۆگەشەسەندنى تەواوى منداڵان
پەروەردەى وەرزش منداڵەکانت فێر دەکات دەربارەى گۆرانگاریە ئەرێنى و نەرێنیەکانى ژیان
چالاکى جەستەیی گرنگە بۆ گەشەسەندنى تەواوى منداڵان هەروەها هاوکاریان دەکات لە تەندروستى جەستەیی, کۆمەلایەتى سۆزدارى. زۆربەیان درک بەوەناکەن کە وەرزش کاریگەرى زیاترى هەیە لەسەر تەندروستى جەستەیی لەوەى کە ئەوان درکى پێدەکەن. پەروەردەى جەستەیی لە قوتابخانە

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12-year-old composes concertos

She could recognize notes on the piano at age two
Twelve-year-old Alma Deutscher has accomplished a lot in her young life. The young British musician is not only a virtuoso on piano and violin, but also at composing concertos. Concertos are musical compositions that are usually in three parts that features

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Girl Without Arms Plays Piano Beautifully

The young performer is the winner of Romania’s Got Talent
Fourteen year old Alberta Mosnegutu, known professionally as Lorelai Mosnegutu, from Romania has lived her entire life without arms. She was born without arms and without femurs, causing her legs to be half the length they should be. She was adopted at six

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Sports Teaches Dedication, Discipline, Responsibility

وەرزش فێرى تەرخانکردن, رێککارى, بەرپرسیاریەتیت دەکات 
وەرزش فێرى تەرخان کردن, رێککارى, بەرپرسیاریەتیت دەکات. ئەگەر منداڵ  هەر لە تەمەنى منداڵیەوە بەشدارى بکات لە وەرزشكردن, فێرى ئەو سيفاتانە دەبێت و هەڵسوکەوتیان دەگۆرێت وەک متمانە بەخۆ بوون, لەش جوانى, رزگاربوون لە فشارى دەروونى, کارى هەرەوەزى, تێکەڵاو بوون لەگەل خەڵک, بونیاتنانى کەسایەتى, تەندروستى و هى

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Music Education Benefits

A variety of lifelong benefits have been found in music learning
Music is more than an art form, it’s a way of life. The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) is a not-for-profit association that promotes the benefits of making music. Research has found that learning music facilitates learning across the

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