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Importance of Dance Education

Dance is a powerful medium that allows an individual to express their values, thoughts and aspirations through movement. It’s important that children learn this as they grow older as they’ll develop the knowledge and skills to create, perform and understand movement as an art form.

The National Dance Education Organization in

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16 year old pianist raises money for worldwide charities

The child prodigy supports global efforts for music and the arts
Sixteen-year-old piano sensation Ethan Bortnick is quite the philanthropist. He tours to raise money for charities across the globe. Recognized by the Guinness World Records as “The World’s Youngest Solo Musician to Headline His Own Concert Tour,” Bortnick has raised

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The Importance of Visual Arts

Arts education helps students with a variety of skills

Every student deserves to learn art, but with education cutbacks, arts education is often the first to go from public education. Visual literacy plays such an important role in our lives, that many kids in kindergarten through eighth grade are missing out due to educators’ choices to cut out art from the curriculum.

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Foster Positive Thinking in Children

هاندانى منداڵ بۆ بیر کردنەوە بە شێوەى ئەرێنى (ئیجابى)
بیرکردنەوەى بە شێوەى نەرێنى دەتوانێ ببێتە هۆى ئەوەى کە منداڵەکەت بە شێوەى نەرێنى بیر بکاتەوە
باشترکردنى ئیجابیانە هەمیشە باشترە لە قسەکردن بە شێوەى نەرێنى لەگەڵ منداڵان. لە راستیدا،هەڵوێستى نەرێنیانەى دایک و باوک دەتوانێ بە  زۆرى  رەنگبداتەوە لەسەر منداڵەکانیان، وایان لێ بکات کە

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Importance of Fine Motor Skills

گرنگى شارەزایی جووڵەى وورد 
چەندەها رێگا هەیە کە دایکان و باوکان دەتوانن یارمەتى منداڵەکانیان بدەن بۆ فێربوونى شارەزایی جووڵەى وورد
شارەزایی جووڵەى وورد, هەروەها ناسراوە بە کارامەیی, بریتى یە لە هەماهەنگى ماسولکە بچووکەکان, وەک هاوكاتكردنى دەست و پەنجەکان لەگەڵ چاوەکان. ئەم كارانه بۆ هەموو منداڵێک گرنگن كاتێ فێرى گەشەپێدانى توانا دەبن ئا

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Gentle parenting more effective than tougher parenting

Parenting is about listening, understanding, responding and communicating. Parents should focus on connecting instead of punishing and encouraging instead of demanding. This form of parenting, known as interactive parenting, is gentler and more effective than harsher parenting methods, such as yelling and spanking.

“It takes focused attention, planning, participation, research, and so

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Deep breathing can get your kids to bed faster

Deep breathing exercises slow your heart rate and your body
Every parent knows it’s typically not easy to get their children to bed. Many have bed times, and even nighttime routines, but kids often throw fits when it comes time to go to bed. They don’t understand how important sleep is

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Are kids prepared for 100 healthy years?

World Health Organization statistics show that today’s children are likely to be the first to live 100 years, as global life expectancy continues to increase. During the Global Consumer Health Debate, The United Nations (UN), UNICEF, UNAIDS, World Obesity Federation and McKinsey discuss how children can live 100 healthy years.

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