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12-year-old composes concertos

She could recognize notes on the piano at age two
Twelve-year-old Alma Deutscher has accomplished a lot in her young life. The young British musician is not only a virtuoso on piano and violin, but also at composing concertos. Concertos are musical compositions that are usually in three parts that features

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App Helps Grades K-9 Develop, Practice Life Skills

Online platform features 60+ courses, 5,000+ minutes of animated video, and thousands of interactive lessons students can use in school or at home
WittyWe, a learning environment covering school curriculum topics, life skills and college-level enrichment, helps students in grades K-9 engage in deeper learning while developing and practicing important life

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Music Education Benefits

A variety of lifelong benefits have been found in music learning
Music is more than an art form, it’s a way of life. The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) is a not-for-profit association that promotes the benefits of making music. Research has found that learning music facilitates learning across the

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Importance of Visual Arts

Visual arts describes a broad category that describes artistic disciplines. Drawing, painting, sculpturing, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, film making and architecture are all types of visual arts. Let’s break these down a bit as one understands their importance.
Fine Arts
Fine arts are defined as a creative art which are appreciated

16 year old pianist raises money for worldwide charities

The child prodigy supports global efforts for music and the arts
Sixteen-year-old piano sensation Ethan Bortnick is quite the philanthropist. He tours to raise money for charities across the globe. Recognized by the Guinness World Records as “The World’s Youngest Solo Musician to Headline His Own Concert Tour,” Bortnick has raised

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Foster Positive Thinking in Children

هاندانى منداڵ بۆ بیر کردنەوە بە شێوەى ئەرێنى (ئیجابى)
بیرکردنەوەى بە شێوەى نەرێنى دەتوانێ ببێتە هۆى ئەوەى کە منداڵەکەت بە شێوەى نەرێنى بیر بکاتەوە
باشترکردنى ئیجابیانە هەمیشە باشترە لە قسەکردن بە شێوەى نەرێنى لەگەڵ منداڵان. لە راستیدا،هەڵوێستى نەرێنیانەى دایک و باوک دەتوانێ بە  زۆرى  رەنگبداتەوە لەسەر منداڵەکانیان، وایان لێ بکات کە

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Importance of Fine Motor Skills

گرنگى شارەزایی جووڵەى وورد 
چەندەها رێگا هەیە کە دایکان و باوکان دەتوانن یارمەتى منداڵەکانیان بدەن بۆ فێربوونى شارەزایی جووڵەى وورد
شارەزایی جووڵەى وورد, هەروەها ناسراوە بە کارامەیی, بریتى یە لە هەماهەنگى ماسولکە بچووکەکان, وەک هاوكاتكردنى دەست و پەنجەکان لەگەڵ چاوەکان. ئەم كارانه بۆ هەموو منداڵێک گرنگن كاتێ فێرى گەشەپێدانى توانا دەبن ئا

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