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Gentle parenting more effective than tougher parenting

Parenting is about listening, understanding, responding and communicating. Parents should focus on connecting instead of punishing and encouraging instead of demanding. This form of parenting, known as interactive parenting, is gentler and more effective than harsher parenting methods, such as yelling and spanking.

“It takes focused attention, planning, participation, research, and so

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Deep breathing can get your kids to bed faster

Deep breathing exercises slow your heart rate and your body
Every parent knows it’s typically not easy to get their children to bed. Many have bed times, and even nighttime routines, but kids often throw fits when it comes time to go to bed. They don’t understand how important sleep is

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How Children Benefit from Music Education

When school administrators factor budgets, music education is often one of the first activities cut from the curriculum due to funding. By cutting music programs, educators are robbing kids of several benefits and achievements music provides. Studies have proven that kids benefit greatly from music, including achieving better grades, improving social skills and developing self discipline.

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5 Benefits of Dance

Dancing is beneficial to boys and girls of all ages

Dancing is something many kids love. When they hear their favorite song on the radio, many start to dance whether they’re in their car seat, at the store or at home. There are even games, such as Just Dance, that allow kids learn how to dance, although there’s no wrong way. Dancing is a great way to keep your child’s mind and body healthy.

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Kids who eat pasta have better diet

Pasta is a convenient, nutritious, easy-to-prepare meal for families. Pasta pleases even the pickiest of young eaters. Research shows that pasta consumption in children and adolescents is associated with a better diet quality than that of children who do not eat pasta. The research, which was presented at an Experimental Biology conference, demonstrates that young pasta-eaters have greater intakes of important vitamins and minerals and lower intakes of saturated fat and total fat in the diet compared to their peers who do not consume pasta.

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The Importance of Fine Motor Skills

گرنگى شارەزایی جووڵەى وورد
شارەزایی جووڵەى وورد گرنگە بۆ منداڵان کاتێ فێردەبن کە چۆن ماسوڵکە بچووکەکان بەکاربهێنن, وەک ماسوڵکەکانى ناو دەستیان, پەنجەکانیان و مەچەکیان. منداڵان پێویستە لەسەریان کە فێرى شارەزایی جووڵەى وورد ببن پێش ئەوەى بتوانن پێنوسێک بگرن و دەست بکەن بە فێربوونى چۆنیەتى نووسین. لێهاتوویی جووڵەى وورد بەشدارى دەکات لە

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Benefits of Dance

Advancing Dance Education in the Arts states that dance is a powerful ally for developing many of the attributes of a growing child. It can help children mature in several ways including physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively. While physical benefits of dance are widely accepted, emotional, social and cognitive attributes haven’t always been appreciated. The following are benefits of dance.

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Benefits of Music Therapy

Music plays a significant role in nearly everyone’s life, but for some people it represents much more than an invitation to dance or a soundtrack for the morning commute. Researchers have found that music therapy provides a diversion from negative feelings and helps manage the pain of not only adults, but of children with developmental, physical, behavioral, and neurological disabilities.

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Assigning Kids Chores by Age

No kid likes being assigned chores, but it’s important to teach our kids responsibility early in life. Kids should be taught chores as early as two years of age. This will help them develop organizational skills and give them a better understanding of what’s expected from them as they grow older.

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