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Amazing Young Darbuka Player

Young hand drummer wows Istanbul crowd

Mashallah to this youngster! Watch this amazing performance by Sercan Gider, who is now around 12 years old, play the darbuka hand drum on the streets of Istanbul. A large crowd gathers to watch as he and an unknown gentlemen wow the crowd of onlookers.

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Summer Camp Day 1 Recap

Percussion and aerobics are the focus in the camp
Yesterday (July 8th), we had a brilliant first day at the Children In Sync Arts and Music Summer Camp 2018 at Kozhaki School in the Nishtiman area of Erbil. Sixteen girls and five boys attended the workshop for entertaining and lively sessions

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Meet two-year-old drummer Lennox

The young musician has hundreds of thousands of video views
Two-year-old Lennox Howard Noble is a drummer in the making. The young musician can always be seen beating on something while sucking on his binky. He started playing at about 18 months old and has quite the talent.

“Anywhere we would go,

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WATCH: 1 year old drummer prodigy

Video has garnered over one million views during its first week on Facebook.

One year old LJ, from Southern California, can’t keep his hands off the drums. When LJ was four months old, he was tapping his feet and clapping along to the beat. At 13 months old, his dad purchased a drum set after noticing his passion and gift for drumming as LJ was playing bongos like a drum kit.

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