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Music therapy is an evidenced-based practice

Music therapy is an evidenced-based practice, targeting physical, neurologic, communication, emotional, educational and behavioral goals to promote positive therapeutic change. Music therapy also looks at the whole child, brings forth their abilities and provides opportunities for creative self-expression, normalization of the environment, emotional processing and social int eraction. Music therapy facilitates a space for the child to be a child, allows the child to express all the wonder, creativity, and inspiration they have to share with the world.

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Top 10 Apps for Arts Education

Art has permeated human culture for centuries, outlining significant events, movements, revolutions and thoughts throughout time. Today’s entrepreneurs who identify the significance of making art more accessible have developed brilliant websites, apps and more to bring the experience of looking at, say, the Mona Lisa to any device, anywhere and anytime.

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Why Children Should Play Sports

بۆچى پێویستە منداڵان وەرزش بکەن
وەرزش بە بەشێکى گرنگى ژیانى زۆربەى منداڵان ئەژماردەکرێ لە ویلایەتە یەکگرتووەکانى ئەمریکا. بە گوێرەى سەرژمێرى سالانەى رێکخراوى پیشەسازى لەشجوانى و وەرزش، تەنیا زیاتر لە 21 ملیۆن گەنج لە تەمەنى نێوان 6 بۆ 17 ساڵان بە شێوەیەکى رێک و پێک وەرزشى بە کۆمەل ئەنجام دەدەن. وە (5)

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